Deep Pores Cleansing Facial Brush


  • Bamboo microfiber bristles are extraordinarily soft for the delicate face
  • Organic solid bamboo handle that is the perfect shape to grip comfortably
  • Cleanses deeply, lifting makeup and dirt away from pores
  • Exfoliates dead skin cells, stimulates, and firm skin
  • Leaves behind skin silky smooth and invigorated


Nia Deep Pores Cleansing Facial Brush has thousands of bamboo microfiber bristles.

  • It is extremely soft as it is designed for delicate facial skin
  • Cleanses deeply, lifting makeup and dirt out and away from pores
  • Cleanses and exfoliates the dead skin cells when used dry
  • Leaves behind silky smooth and invigorated skin
  • Perfectly designed shape for a comfortable grip
  • Natural & solid bamboo base

How to Use:

  • Use it to dry brush or with your favorite facial product. Rotate in gentle circles.
  • Once clean, dry your face and apply a few drops of 100% organic Moringa oil
  • Then wash the brush with a gentle cleanser, rinse well, dry with a clean towel and hang it to dry.


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