Moringa: Nature’s Most Nutritious & Powerful Superfood


What to find in this Volume 1 Moringa: Nature’s Most Nutritious & Powerful Superfood

  1. The scientific facts about the nutritional value of Moringa
  2. Why plant nutrients are superior to lab-made multivitamins
  3. The negative health effects of high doses of synthetic vitamins
  4. Easy and healthy recipes with Moringa leaf powder

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“For years I have been receiving numerous questions regarding the miracle tree, Moringa.

With my science background, it has become almost an obsession to find scientific facts and

studies conducted on this revolutionary plant. I believe the information I have gathered is

valuable, and so I am sharing it with you because everything is better when we share.” Amina Badar

About the author:

Amina Badar is a chemist, who in her quest for good whole food and chemical-free skincare products for her and her family founded Nia Pure Nature Inc. She previously worked for 15 years as a scientific evaluator at the Bureau of Chemical Safety of Food Directorate at Health Canada. Prior to Health Canada, Amina has worked for the Canadian Institute of Tropical Natural Health Products, where she performed extraction & isolation of bioactive components from tropical medicinal plants for human consumption. She is very passionate about holistic natural supplements and in particular about the time-tested health benefits of Ayurvedic medicinal plants.


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